What I am afraid to sing
I write
What I am afraid to write
I draw
then I sign

e_rro_rres is a personal project I started a couple of years ago to share short poems and rapid drawings, (lately even pictures) and hopefully some day, songs.

“Errores” means “mistakes” in Spanish, and the word is formed by the letters in my name and last name. This is a place to make mistakes without fear. To use the mistakes to have fun, learn, express. To Mock a bit the ego, the pursuit of happiness, the idea of perfection, to explore obsessions and desires. 

All the poems 
of the world
are there.

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I’m obsessed with cats, flowers, flowers, flowers. I’m obsessed with the sun. I like to make drawings of nature. Faces. Explosions. Existence. I'm obsessed with life. I'm glad I am. I write because It feels like someone told me to do so in a dream.