Focusing on the whys, enjoying the process, taking special care of the details to help create concepts and visual products that express empathy.

Elisa has a degree in Graphic Communication and Advertising, from the University of Medellín, Colombia; and a Master's degree in Visual and Experience Design from the University of Applied Sciences Europe, Berlin.

She has worked in a variety of fields, including campaign creation for TBWA / Colombia, brand strategy and content for SYOU Colombia and other brands, and children's fashion textile prints, among others. She is currently the Creative Director at InSight Crime, a think tank and media center that specializes in investigating and producing contentent about organized crime and its impact in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Elisa sees design – and the storytelling work through it – as a medium for social transformation that can be used to inform and create connections between people, raise awareness, and hopefully help illustrate possible solutions to problems. important and often invisible.